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Jigoro-KanoKodokan Judo is an international sport created by Kano Jigoro sensei in Tokyo, Japan in 1882.  It is perhaps best described as a sort of Japanese wrestling form.  It derived from jiu-jitsu, of which Kano sensei was a master.  In creating judo, Kano sensei tried to put something more than “dirty fighting” skills into his art, and weld his new style to a beneficial philosohy founded in two overriding principles:

“maximum efficiency and mutual welfare and benefit”

kano16Judo has no strikes of any kind until one gets into the self-defense forms of judo.  It emphasizes throws and holds.  There are standing throws comprised of hand throws, hip throws, and foot throws, and sacrifice throws wherein one voluntarily goes to the mat to effect the throw.

The sacrifice throws include direct back throws and side throws.  Judo also includes hold downs to gain points in tournament and chokes to make the opponent submit, and joint locks to make the opponent submit.

Judo tournaments are governed by very strict rules designed to make the sport as safe as humanly possible with a physical contact art.

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